Acu-Yoga and Meditation Classes

Acu-Yoga & Meditation classes combine the poses and breathing techniques of yoga with the stimulation of the Shiatsu /Acu-pressure points of the body.

Classes for every body: options for a chair, a yoga mat or a futon.

The word meditation is like the word “medicine.” It has this prefix “med,” which is a Greek prefix that means “care” or “attention.” When we meditate we are being careful, we are paying attention.


If you were interested in joining any of my classes ,this gives you a bit of an overview on what it’s about:


In my unique acu-yoga sessions we begin by resting down on the mats ,doing breathing practices and learning to do deep relaxation & meditation.

We then move into gentle stretches and you then lay on a futon mat and receive a short shiatsu treatment on your back or legs.

A lovely way to feel grounded and healed through movement and touch.

Regards Maree Crutch

Price: $25 casual

Wednesday 6.30pm-7.30pm

Thursday 11am-12:00pm or 7.30pm-8.30pm

Call Maree Crutch on 0429 443 589

Location: At Bayside Oriental Healing Arts 

42 Jack Road Cheltenham 3192