Bay Side Oriental Healing Arts

Acu-Yoga and Meditation Classes

Acu-Yoga & Meditation classes combine the poses and breathing techniques of yoga with the stimulation of the Shiatsu /Acu-pressure points of the body.

Classes for every body: options for a chair, a yoga mat or a futon

Price: $25 casual / $200 for the term (10 weeks)

Stretch & Rest with Marian Jarvis Wednesday 6.30pm-7.30pm

Call Marian on 0403 550 695


Restore Balance with Maree

Thursday 11am-12:00pm or 7.30pm-8.30pm

Start Thursday 10th October 2019

Call Maree Crutch on 0429 443 589

Location: At Bayside Oriental Healing Arts 

42 Jack Road Cheltenham 3192