Free Meditation Course

Join us to learn to Meditate or to continue your Meditation practice in a supported, faith infused group environment.


When: Wednesday evenings 7.30pm-9pm from July 24th 2019

Where: Meeting Room adjacent to Church entrance at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish 9 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham (


The facilitator: Maree Therese Crutch (see below for bio)

Who can attend: all are welcome.

Any one, no age or ability restrictions (disabled access available).


Cost: Free , A gold coin donation towards electricity would be most welcome.


Come and learn the underpinning structure of Meditation and explore its relevance in today's busy life as an antidote to restlessness and anxiety.


"What is Meditation and how do we Meditate? 


The word meditation is like the word “medicine.” It has this prefix “med,” which is a Greek prefix that means “care” or “attention.” When we meditate we are being careful, we are paying attention.


“In the Christian tradition there’s a very simple method, taught from the beginning of the Christian spiritual tradition, which has deep resonance with the same method taught in other traditions even older than Christianity. And that is to take a word, a single word, short phrase, a sacred word, a mantra, and to repeat this word continually, gently, faithfully, attentively, during the time of the meditation. The saying of the word is what focuses our consciousness. It’s what stills the mind. It’s what takes the attention off our busy, active and distracted minds."



Structure of sessions:

:Introduction to history and structure of mediation, including recent research into positive benefits of regular meditation.


:Meet and greet fellow participants and share something of your reason for coming and any experience you have had with meditation.


:Presentation  on the use of Mantra, and other practices (including specific breathing techniques to assist in preparing for meditation).


:Invitation to spend 10 mins moving and stretching prior to starting 15 minute sitting meditation practice.


:15 min sitting meditation practice.


:Reconnecting back in normal awareness.


:Invitation to share with a group member for 10min about your experience.


:Facilitator to invite and answer questions.


:Closing prayer : Invocation for peace.



Any questions or enquirers please email : or phone: 0429443589


Maree Therese Crutch

Health Practitioner and Educator

Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Certified Trainer and Assessor

Registered Acupuncturist 

Shiatsu Therapist

Previously Nurse Educator