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Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation, Creative Visualisations & Mindfulness Awareness Practices


With the many distractions and busy-ness in our lives, the practice of meditation and mindfulness may provide welcome relief from tension. Learning mind control techniques can help you to manage your reactions to stress in your day-to-day life.



The word meditation, like medicine, uses the Greek prefix “med,” which means “care” or “attention.” When we meditate, we are paying attention to the care of our being.

During your meditation sessions, Maree will teach you to learn to apply care and attention to your life as an antidote to restlessness and anxiety. She will also guide you through your first meditation to identify ways in which you can improve your own mediation practice at home, or anywhere you find the need to find peace and calm during your day.




Based on the ancient Buddhist philosophy where one tries to notice present thoughts, feeling and sensations without judgement or attachment to any of these, mindfulness is a modern-day way. Often referred to as “bare awareness”, mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your own thoughts without causing distress to your life because of them.


As with meditation, Maree helps you to recognise those thoughts which create sensations and feelings which trigger your body and thoughts in a way that does not serve your best self. From there, Maree will guide you through some mindfulness exercises to help you practice mindfulness in your everyday life. 

1:1 Meditation classes tailored for you


We offer personalised meditation sessions using:

  • Buddhist techniques: Medicine Buddha and White Tara Meditations and visualisations for healing and longevity 

  • Hindu techniques: Traditional Yoga concentration; Dhyana practices

  • Christian contemplative practices.

Benefits of meditation and mindfulness

We teach you practices to quiet your mind and allow you to:

  • Gain more mind and self-control

  • Create visualisations to promote healing

  • Tap into your inner peace

  • Relax.


Through learning meditation and mindfulness practices, you may feel more empowered with immediate techniques to master your anxiety.

Meditation and mindfulness is for you if:

  • You’re holding on to emotional or mental tension

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious

  • You can’t seem to relax

  • You’re suffering from physical or emotional pain

  • You’re seeking peace in your mind and heart

What is included in meditation and mindfulness classes?


Each individual session is tailored to your specific needs, and includes:


● Initial consultation with Maree

● Personalised mindfulness and meditation class (1 hour)

● In-home video session or in the studio.

Each therapy costs $100 online or $130 in-person.

We’d love to connect with you by email to help build your understanding about how oriental therapies can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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