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Gate of Hope

Healing therapy drawing on the Five Elements

Gate of Hope is your first step in allowing hope to guide you on your life's path, identify areas where you suffer and want direction for healing.


Imagine if you could get clarity on life purpose and where you are meant to be -- every day.


We can help.


We are delighted to offer you Gate of Hope sessions,

where we do some meditation, stretching, card reading, and energetic healing.

The Gate of Hope is beneficial for you if: 

  • You’re feeling stressed

  • You’re holding on to some anxious feelings

  • You’re experiencing physical or emotional tension.


You want to:

  • Feel balanced and peaceful

  • Experience less pain

  • Enjoy relief of symptoms and better health outcomes.

What is the Gate of Hope?

The name "Gate of Hope" (also known as Cycle Gate) comes from the image given for the final point of the liver meridian, number 14. It marks the completion of the whole cycle of the meridian points, which begin with Lung 1.


This special point helps us by providing a space in the chest for new possibilities and clear perspective.


We offer individual consultation based on Five Elements/ Five phase and Chinese medical theory.

What can you expect in the Gate of Hope sessions?

We’ll be communicating over Zoom video calls. You’ll be guided through the therapies using a variety of Distant Healing techniques. 


Maree will hold space for you to:


● describe your main health concerns

● set your goal for the sessions.


You’ll receive an introduction to the techniques and theory of the Five Elements grounded in East Asian medicine (video).

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Create a plan of treatment to be carried out during the session.

We formulate an online treatment plan, which incorporates specific meridian exercises, self-Shiatsu / (Do-in), sacred acupoint tapping with specific meridian frequency vibration and resonance (EFT) with focused affirmations, and then home therapy such as diet and lifestyle.

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Assess the signs and symptoms of any suffering you’re experiencing.

Connecting with and listening to ourselves is the first step to achieving improvement in our well-being.


We’ll explore feelings and sensations to get a full picture of your constitution.

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Start on the therapy and progress through the elements over five sessions

We also explore the dynamics of significant AcuPoints as we transition through the Seasons starting with Spring and finishing with Water.

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Costs and Consistency

We recommend five sessions to best help you achieve favourable outcomes.


We’ll tailor a session strategy for you, starting with the element that most suits your constitution.

The cost for these is:


5 x 50 minute sessions @ $100 per session online, or $130 in-person.

You may start with one session to experience the Gate of Hope therapy and decide if it's right for you.





We begin our session by meditating and introducing ourselves to each other.

Maree, our founder and facilitator, will introduce you to the session, what it includes, her background, and answer any questions you may have before going forward.


Together, Maree will guide you through body stretches and alignment while gently calming your mind and thoughts. These are specifically crafted to allow your body, mind, and soul to join in unision.





Maree proceeds to offer a meditation for the session with your intention setting and offers a universal prayer for guidance.



Guided by intuition and connection, Maree will choose cards that speak to you and your spirit.

She then draws cards and explains what these could mean for you, your future, and your passions.


Taking your reading and feedback, Maree will then listen to you and your spirit while you both find where your best life alignment steps forward might be.

Dialog is encouraged.



Establishing a connection with body, mind, and spirit is the first step through the Gate of Hope.

Maree then ends the session with a wrap-up of what has been suggested during your session and ends with a universal prayer of gratitude.

Is it important to receive all five sessions?


The treatment is designed to progress through the five elements.

There’s an initial introductory video session that will help you determine whether this therapy is for you.

Following that, the most benefit can be gained from following the Gate of Hope treatment through a five-session sequence.


We'll use a variety of techniques to experience these energy activation sites (Tsubo / Acupuncture points) including self-Shiatsu, Do-In, Acu-yoga, Meridian stretches, tapping (EFT), affirmations and special meditations on sacred points.


Attending all five sessions allows you to experience all of these techniques which complement each other for a complete healing therapy cycle.

What do Gate of Hope sessions cost?

Individual sessions cost $100 online, or $130 in-person.

You'll receive:

  • Introduction video

  • 50 min. interactive therapy session

  • Guidance notes on the Five Element therapies provided

The Gate of Hope is designed as a five-session series.

Benefits of the Gate of Hope therapy

When you align yourself with your energetic purpose, you can begin to:

  • Make decisions easily knowing you are aligned with your best self

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Find where your energic guides want to go

  • Uncover your purpose and follow the path of hope and love

  • Reconnect with you, completely and fully, going forward.


With a focus on holistic wellbeing, The Gate of Hope therapy series engages with all facets of an individual’s health and wellbeing. Maree applies decades of health practitioner experience, drawing on a number of therapies to address the underlying condition as well as the presenting symptoms.


The Gate of Hope sessions create a safe, inclusive and accessible healing space.

Using the Gate of Hope sessions, you can being to create positive changes in your life as you begin your journey into connecting with spirit and positive energy around you. Your innate spiritual intelligence is waiting for you to reconnect and bring hope, peace, and purpose to your life.

Why choose Bayside Oriental Healing Arts for Five element therapies?

We’d love to connect with you by email to help build your understanding about how oriental therapies can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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