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Who We Help

Why choose Bayside Oriental Healing Arts for you?


With a focus on holistic wellbeing, The Gate of Hope therapy series addresses all facets of an individual’s health and wellness. Maree’s expertise enables her to draw on a number of therapies to address your underlying condition.


Our therapies are beneficial when:


● You’re feeling stressed

● You’re holding onto some anxious feelings

● You’re experiencing physical or emotional tension.


You want to:


● Feel balanced and peaceful

● Experience more mindfulness

● Look into the body and mind connection of your symptoms and help promote better health.


Safe, inclusive, and accessible healing space


Therapist Maree Crutch is recognised as a highly experienced energy healer as she brings together over 40 years of practice in Western and Eastern medicine to Bayside Oriental Healing Arts. Her understanding of complex and complementary therapies means she’s skilled in tailoring therapy to the individual.


Maree blends a variety of spiritual practices into her healing work and supports her clients to achieve progress toward their own specific health and wellbeing goals.

We’d love to connect with you by email to help build your understanding about how oriental therapies can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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