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Oriental Healing Therapies

Oriental healing therapies cover a broad range of disciplines that address a person’s physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Receiving therapy from a qualified Shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner, as well as guidance with Chinese dietetics, may help with the relief of pain, tension and discomfort.

Oriental healing therapy for your individual needs


We assess your health situation and design a therapy plan to suit you:


  • For in-person treatments we meet at our clinic in Bayside. For some non-contact treatments we can provide the therapy via video call.

  • We’ll learn about you, your symptoms and your lifestyle.

  • We’ll recommend the oriental healing techniques that best suit your constitution.


How many sessions of oriental healing therapy do I need?


Each individual is different and therefore the number of sessions will depend on how well you and your body respond to the healing therapy. We follow up with you a week after treatment to monitor your progress and see if further sessions are required and how we can help you further.



Shiatsu* (Acupressure Massage treatments)


A specific massage therapy to target areas and trigger points in your body and release the tension. This is for clients seeking balance, peace, more ease, and can assist in improved digestion, sleep, body discomfort.

*We are recognised under NDIS and Home Care Packages to provide this service. Check with your NDIS or Home Care Package provider for the process to receive funding for our services.

Japanese Acupuncture


Insertion and Non-Insertion techniques practiced, and the use of Polarity devices, incorporating Dr. Manaka Protocols and Japanese Meridian therapies.


Japanese herbal warming therapy and Mugwort heating applications. Can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with Japanese Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, and or Shiatsu treatments.


Chinese dietetics

Oriental medicine dietary support therapy is rooted in Chinese and oriental medicine beliefs concerning the effects of food on the human organism, and centred on concepts such as eating in moderation. Can be delivered as a stand-alone Oriental food therapy session or in conjunction with Japanese Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, and or Shiatsu treatments.



What is included in each Oriental Healing Therapy session?

Each individual session is tailored to your specific needs, and includes:


● Initial consultation with Maree, Chris, or Marian, Susi

● Personalised treatment plan

● In-home video session or in the studio.

Each one hour therapy session costs $100 online, or $130 in-person.

We’d love to connect with you by email to help build your understanding about how oriental therapies can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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