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Metal Element

About the Metal Element

The theme for autumn is about releasing old patterns and habits that do not serve us and welcoming in fresh life force and inspiration.

The Metal Element governs the Lungs and Large Intestine Organs and Meridians and during this phase we focus on structuring our thoughts and strengthening our ability to let go of unhelpful emotions, beliefs systems and patterns of behaviour.

On a physical level we focus on supporting our breathing, our skin and our bowel function. It's all about healthy elimination.


Gate of Hope therapy sessions incorporate the Metal Element during Autumn.


How to apply the Metal Element principles to your wellbeing


Three-part breathing to aerate all parts of the lungs. The Grand Yogic Breath.


Each morning I commend you to spend 3 minutes tapping on these specific points on the Metal Channels to allow the body, mind and spirit to release the old and take in the new.

Tap on the ends of the thumb (Lung Meridian 11 and index finger Large Intestine Meridian 1) both sides if it feels right. 

Voice and humming

It helps to repeat the general affirmation for this Element / Season as well as the specific one you worked with at your last session.

Embedding life-affirming habits into your life


Metal is also about order. As you develop your routine, it may be nice to record your thoughts, feelings and sensations by journaling or voice recording twice per week. I’ll be inviting you to share your reflections at the beginning of the next session. 

In the meantime, if you have any feedback or concerns, you’re welcome to contact me.


Thanks for allowing me to come along the journey with you.
Sincerely in good health

Five Elements Theory (Wu Xing) is a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. The Five Elements are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur.

We’d love to connect with you by email to help build your understanding about how oriental therapies can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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