My body, mind and spirit are in harmonious rhythm and my thoughts are clear and focused on self care and compassion for others and the world."

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox 

In Oriental Medicine and Shiatsu we work with the Elemental energies of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

So in 2021 we can all make use of harnessing the energy of the 'Metal Ox' : known for having a strong life force and a deep spiritual dedication to self-cultivation..

Based on Oriental Medicine theory that the Metal element relates to the Lungs, we can also utilize gentle breathing practices (pranayama) to support our respiratory and immune system 

Using Self Shiatsu massage techniques (Do-In and Self Ampuku) and Tapping on the Acu-Points, whilst chanting affirmations, can also assist to balance the Metal Element in our body.


What’s on at Bayside Oriental Healing Arts:

Upcoming Gate of Hope Series in conjunction with the Australian Shiatsu College: Register for your free attendance

The Gate of Hope classes are held on the 2nd Friday of each month online recommencing in February 2021 . The sessions incorporate Five element theory, Tsubo / Acupoint location and function as well as the application of Affirmations and Self shiatsu techniques.

In the upcoming Springtime, we will be hosting face to face Gate of Hope classes incorporating hands on Acu-pressure/ Shiatsu for self-care and yoga practices at our  Bayside Oriental Healing Arts 42 Jack Rd Cheltenham Clinic.

Our Clinic  continues in a COVID safe way into 2021 with practitioners available for East Asian therapies: Shiatsu and/or Acupuncture most days of the week.:

See Marian Jarvis at and Christine Easdown at and myself at

I am starting new Face to Face Chair Yoga Classes at Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre in Chadstone commencing Wednesday 17th February 2021: visit

Also the Acu-Yoga Classes at Jack Road Cheltenham continue to be suspended due to Covid Restrictions and will recommence when space restrictions ease. 

We are excited to introduce Kathleen Obrien to teach Vedic Meditation courses at our 42 Jack Rd Cheltenham clinic: 

“Join Kathleen and learn the effortless practice of Vedic meditation, taught in 4 x 1.5hr sessions over four consecutive days. Learn how to easily dissolve stress, feel calmer, happier, more capable, creative and energetic.  

Each day we explore what meditation truly is, the role it plays in your daily life, why you’d want to be making meditation a daily practice, and how Vedic knowledge and wisdom can be translated in our modern world. You will leave the course a fully self-sufficient, confident meditator inspired by your new daily practice, and supported by a worldwide and local community of meditators.”. For detailed information contact Kathleen directly.--

Kathleen O'Brien, Vedic meditation teacher at Mahasoma

Follow the journey @mahasoma  & @kathleenobrien_

Learn Vedic meditation or come to a free intro talk!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information about any of the above classes, for treatments or for information about one on one Mentoring for shiatsu practitioners.

Best wishes for this new Year.


Maree Crutch 

Registered Health Practitioner & Educator

Shiatsu Practitioner & Registered Acupuncturist

Accessible Yoga Teacher

Previous Nurse Educator

Trainer and Assessor at the Australian Shiatsu College.

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